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    Hi all,

    Looksmart improved its position and came ahead of ex
    pectations. This was taken from the "Ozestock Board"

    Posted by: Smuggler Jul 26 2002 7:45:06:403AM
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    Some comparisons and the reason why OVER is getting hit(IMHO)

    Over......515m clicks down from 587m
    LOOK......87m UP from 70m

    Over .....Revenue per click 30c up from 24c
    LOOK...... 19c up from 18c

    Over.....Cost per click 53%
    LOOK..... 42%

    Over....Distribution loses Ask Jeeves and AOL
    LOOK.... Gains About.com

    Over....Customers 67000 up from 60000
    LOOK.... 99,000 up from 80000

    Over....Cash in bank $200m

    LOOK.... 50m and growing!

    Over in their press release acknowledge as i stated earlier the loss of AOL has hurt them!

    I think the results speak for themselves!

    Looking Fantastic!

    And LOOK signed 19000 NEW customers to its PPC programme.........which is 6000 more then last quarter who paid the $299.
    These are the major highlights:

    Business Highlights:

    "LookSmart is executing well on our key drivers for growth. During the quarter, we saw strong demand for our paid listings from both large and small customers. The increase in relevance of search results from the implementation of WiseNut technology enhances the value proposition LookSmart offers both advertisers and distribution partners. As a result of these improvements, we signed a new distribution deal with About.com and continued our strong momentum with large customers, with several significantly expanding their campaigns across the LookSmart network," said Jason Kellerman, LookSmart's Chief Operating Officer and CEO-elect.

    Strong Listings Growth

    Large customer listings revenue grew by 28 percent quarter over quarter driven by significant new customer acquisition as well as increased spending from existing customers. Notable customer wins for the quarter include Wal- Mart, Crate and Barrel, 21st Century Auto Insurance, 24-Hour Fitness, Holland America Cruises and Motorola. These customers join existing blue-chip customers Amazon, Bank of America, Dell, eBay, Lands End, Nestle USA, Nordstrom, Patagonia, REI, Spiegel, Staples and Ziff Davis. The acquisition of these top tier customers demonstrates increasing acceptance of search listings as an important marketing tool.

    On April 9, LookSmart successfully launched its new Small Business Listings product. The new product provides cost-effective customer acquisition by enabling small businesses to be included in the LookSmart directory and receive qualified leads to their Web sites, paying for the traffic on an efficient per-click basis.

    New Distribution

    As announced in a separate press release today, LookSmart signed a new distribution deal with About.com to distribute search results on About.com and its network. The agreement enables LookSmart advertisers to access 20 million unique users each month through the About Network, ranked as the ninth largest Web brand by NetRatings (Nielsen/NetRatings, June 2002, MarketView Reporting).

    During the quarter, LookSmart also announced an expanded relationship with InfoSpace to deliver its search results to Excite and Webcrawler. LookSmart search listings now appear on InfoSpace's meta-search product found at Excite and WebCrawler, and will continue to appear on InfoSpace's other sites, Dogpile and MetaCrawler.

    WiseNut Integration Enhances Offering to Portals

    In April LookSmart completed the acquisition of WiseNut, a leading search technology that generates highly relevant search results. During the quarter LookSmart completed the first integration phase of the WiseNut technology, which now powers search results throughout the LookSmart Network. With the integration of WiseNut, LookSmart's current and potential portal and ISP partners will benefit by providing their users with a more relevant search experience.

    Primary Knowledge Integration Enhances Value Proposition to Advertisers

    As announced on July 23, LookSmart formally introduced the LookSmart Reporting Center, a business intelligence platform that will enable LookSmart's large customers to monitor and optimize the performance of their search marketing campaigns. By using the center -- an added benefit for customers -- marketers can see results for their LookSmart campaigns in one place and in one format and can analyze their campaign's effectiveness using detailed reports -- by campaign, product, URL, creative and keyword. The new business intelligence platform is based on the technology obtained through LookSmart's 2001 acquisition of the assets of Primary Knowledge, an early leader in outsourced e-business intelligence services.

    Management Changes

    Jason Kellerman, currently LookSmart's Chief Operating Officer, has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer, effective October 1, 2002. Evan Thornley, Chairman and current CEO of LookSmart, will continue as Chairman.

    Brian Cowley has been named Senior Vice President, Business Development. Brian joins LookSmart from eBay, where he ran the sponsorship and services business unit. Mr. Cowley played an integral role in closing recent distribution deals for the Company and will leverage his strong personal relationships across the industry to forge new distribution and partnership agreements for LookSmart.

    Cheers markco

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