GRN gravity diamonds limited

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    Only 17 million shares and at the hi-tech end of the exploration business.So good is their airborne gravity surveys that companies are giving up equity in projects to get them to look at their tenements.Developed in conjuction with BHP Billiton,it finds deep mineral deposits that cannot be found with other techniques.Is used and has been successfull in all parts of the world.Called the Falcon it is also used to confirm oil drilling targets.They previously charged for their services but are now asking for equity in the projects and fund the survey themselves,Recently received $7.5 million private cash investment which prevented a share issue.Have JV with BHP,RIO,KIM,SKR,and a host of others are knocking on the door.They also have a diamond exploration arm.It is very good with diamonds which give little magnetic signal for geologists.They have 3 planes equipped with the equipment.A big project they have just been asked to do is from the NSW Government:they have have just completed a survey of the Broken Hill area and identified many targets for holders of tenements in the area.They also applied for their own lease on an area not pegged.As most large orebodies have been found,this technology will be able to find the deeper undiscovered targets.Check out their website and read up on the Falcon technology.Have I got some shares,sure have.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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