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Longonjo and the Post Covid Economic Recovery

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    Pensana could not have picked a more opportunative moment to develop their Longonjo Rare Earths Mine. Governments around the World are actively looking for ways to stimulate the post Covid economy. Throwing money at existing Industries does little to promote Growth. What they really need are New sectors where a relatively small Investment will stimulate exponential Growth.

    One such Sector is the emerging EV/Wind Turbine industry, not only is it relatively new, it also has the potential to revolutionize a wide range of cross sector industries. On top of all that it goes a long way to address the bigger problem of Global Warming caused by fossil fuel combustion in Automobiles and Power stations.

    However this Revolution will only happen if the Supply chain of materials required to build the Magnetic Motors can keep up. Demand for NdPr is projected to rise from around 30,000 tpa to 50,000tpa over the next ten years, a period during which by far the biggest producer "China" is planning to shut down / clean up its own "illegal" mines.

    Obviously the World not only needs to quickly find a new source of NdPr, but also in quantities capable of sustaining the projected increase in demand.

    Enter Pensana, who have just completed delineating their initial Reserves for the Longonjo Mine in Angola. The Resource of NdPr at Longonjo is massive ! it is certainly World Class and can be developed in record time. Nearly all of the Critical Infrastructure (Rail, Port, Power) is already in place. The climate is favorable and the Jurisdiction highly supportive, having already issued the requisite Permits, as Pensana is fully committed to meeting the three Tiers of ESG compliance.

    So, in the post Covid, Global warming future, I can think of no better Project to invest in. Not only are the projected returns and future Share price highly attractive, but Investors will be putting their money into a Company that is actively contributing to the Worlds Economic recovery and CO2 mitigation.
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