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    I do both, but I am more a medium/long term investor. I have what I call my core stocks which are blue chips, pay decent dividends, probably aren't going to make huge capital gains, but I need the divvy to live and I am not planning to sell.

    Then I have shares which I feel are undervalued and have potential and I am very patient with those - they can sometimes take years to reach potential. I had SSM - bought at 27c and sold at 70c - waay too soon. Trying to learn to be even more patient.

    One of the things I have learnt is to be very careful when buying - I have bought a number of stocks far too early. CAJ is an example. I had watched it for awhile, but thought it was very overvalued and when it started falling I was quite happy to buy in at an average of 25c (now I have an average of 22c). Of course it carried on plunging and I could have bought much better! .

    So I would say do your research, build a list of stocks you like and wait for weakness to buy. If a stock you like releases some bad news, try and evaluate whether it is still a good stock, but going through a bad patch, or whether there is fundamental problem. One set of bad news is usually followed by more, so heaps of patience before buying and heaps more to wait for a turn around.

    A short term horizon with a small % of your portfolio can be fun as well.
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