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    Its been a chaotic 2022 so far - just thought I would put some thoughts down for the tidal wave of new users here and perhaps our older members.

    There's been so many new garbage threads created and many with obvious attempts to inflict psychological influence - whether to incite to purchase or fear to sell. Its actually pretty annoying to read and I am sure many other long term holders would agree. Many of the threads are talking about wild price predictions (which I have never been a fan of, nor discussing the current share price which is boring)

    My long term valuation goal for this company is at least a $15b market cap. I have no idea what the time frame will be for it to achieve this, but this is my reasoning:

    Intel purchased the ADAS technology company Mobileye for 15b. This is a company that focuses on visual sensors and related products/software.
    Intel's $15 billion purchase of Mobileye shakes up driverless car sector

    This company is somewhat limited in its potential scope - somewhat limited to autonomous vehicles and the visual system.

    BrainChip has a general use chip which can perform the same duties as those of Mobileeye, but so much more - including all other sensor modalities. The swiss army knife of AI processors

    My reasoning is that if BrainChip can grow to address only the visual sensor market in the way Mobiileye has - there are still another 4 sensor modalities that should be at least equal in size and scope. Some of the sensor modalities such as smell and taste are still somewhat in their infancy.

    Thought I would share, personally sick of all the garbage on the threads these days and hopefully the thoughts, from someone who has held the stock for 7 years so far and plans to hold for another 7 at least, might provide some helpful guidance to some.
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