GIR 0.00% $5.43 giralia resources nl

long term hold not a trade

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    GIR is mirroring SMM in its behaviour . I bought SMM at 3 cents and realized an excellent gain
    The broking community has only been willing to support it recently and will encourage more long term holders.
    Several nervous institutions have cleared out earlier in the year relieving selling pressure. New Institutions appear to be buying.
    Its iron ore holdings are only being recognized in the last 3 months. Its holding in RHI is worth near 25 Mill. Its floating of RHI and management input and knowledge of Fe shows its calibre as an iron ore explorer.
    The holding at Earaheedy may be a super dep which would turn it into a Fortesque.l
    Its potential Uranium res at Lake Frome appears to be at least as good as AGS which has a much higher cap largely based on its 25% int at Lake Frome.
    Ive held for 3 years and intend to hold for at least 5 more years
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