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    I really enjoyed your perspective above, PAA is many vehicles of Investment to many different investors , some for a short journey others to the final destination.

    Over the past week while speaking with two Top 20 Shareholders and from information made available at the Investor Evening , I can clearly see that the Elanco Option "The Deal is a Royalty Based License."

    My original train of thought was the Royalty would become to great extrapolated over the 18 year IP life on PAA's Tech. so much easier to purchase PAA in its entirety and then gain The Human market to possibly pass along to Eli Lilly.

    My concern was Elanco would pounce and Buy PAA with out the share price having time to truly run up (into significant number $ yes that is a dollar sign) .

    Now from a comment made it is clear that the company will be "Pushing for the Licensing Royalty" so they can then "pursue the Human Trials", "where the real money is"

    Also Epichem compared to a USA Research Institute would be able to work toward Human Trials at a fraction of the cost.

    PAA are wanting to be in Negotiations before Christmas with Elanco,, I would feel confident that by the time Elanco sit down , they would have run the numbers what MPL as a Royalty is worth to them..... Elanco are very swift with major transactions being completed in 30 days from inked agreements..

    Never say Never but from recent comments made by the Company the strategy is extract Royalty from Elanco and push on into Human Trials,,,,

    Plus we may be due an update from the Olivia Newtown John Foundation ...... remember they tested MPL against 30 Human Cancers,, MPL reacted positively on 26 of those Human Cancers ,,again we will just have to replicate the earlier Human Trial with our Newly Formulated Micronised 10 times Efficacy Pharmapantel
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