IPM incremental petroleum limited

long life high margin divi paying oiler

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    Hi Folks,

    This appears a forgotten/ignored somewhat unexciting oiler worth a revisit.

    Not in the fast lane, PE around 7, steady long life production in a high poo environment, low costs, modest govt take. Modest divi payout with divi yield of 6%. Some geopolitical risk.

    Potential to get substantial prdn boost if achieve a technical breakthough, gas prdn probable, both oil and gas exploration coming up. Appear to have the right people/skills - perhaps just requiring more patience and persistence.

    Appear to have the cash, cashflow, people, skills and nous to aquire appropriate new projects.

    Contrary views welcome. I have reaccumulated a significant stake after a premature smaller entry 2 years ago, so could be wrong again. Not likely to take my stake much higher.

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