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    UNIS and Bershire Hartherway have similarities.
    Both have not paid a dividend in 40 years.
    Both receive an Annuity Type income to allow funding of expansion.
    Birchshire Hatherway uses income from short term insurance contracts to fund expansion
    UNIS will be able to use its Long Term 10-20-year contracts, to obtain an unlimited Line of Credit, tofund expansion.
    Berk Hath has 300,000 employees.
    UNIS 250 approx.
    Both companies are critized for poor financial and business reporting.
    The appear to have a $10 Billion net profit
    UNIS is signing contracts that will ramp up to $Billion profit.
    They appear to have a Nett profit of 9%
    We will have an average north of 40%
    They have 830,000 share
    UNIS has 122 million shares.
    Berk Hath shareprice is up there.
    UNIS is shareprice is going up their.
    They are a huge company.
    We are a going to be a great company
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