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    FYI everyone,

    Over the years Web users have developed short forms for common sayings. Here's a list that will have you LOL and SFETE IMHO!
    AFAICS = As Far As I Can See

    AFK = Away From Keyboard

    BBIAF = Be Back In A Few minutes

    BBIAB = Be Back In A Bit

    BFN = Bye For Now

    BRB = Be Right Back

    BTW = By The Way

    CC = Carbon Copy

    DH or dh = Dear Husband, Darling get the idea!

    FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

    FTP = File Transfer Protocol (Used to retrieve files/programs)

    FWIW = For What Its Worth

    FYI = For Your Information

    IMHO = In My Humble Opinion

    IMNSHO = In My Not So Humble Opinion

    IRC = Internet Relay Chat

    LOL = Laugh Out Loud

    MSG = Message

    (nt) or n/t or (n/t) = No Text (usually found in the title of a message, indicating there's no need to click, as that's all there is to the message)

    OIC = Oh I see

    ISO = In Search Of

    OTOH = On The Other Hand

    R = Are

    RFC = Request For Comment

    ROFL = Rolling On the Floor Laughing

    RSN = Real Soon Now

    SFETE = Smiling From Ear To Ear

    SITD = Still In The Dark

    SO = Significant Other

    TLA = Three Letter Acronym

    TTFN = Ta Ta For Now

    TTYL = Talk To You Later

    U = You

    URL = http://www.... (a site's address)

    VBG = Very Big Grin

    WWW = World Wide Web

    :-) or :) = smile

    ;-) = winking (not sarcastic, playful)

    :( = frowning

    :~( = crying

    :-P = Sticking my tongue out (playful)

    :-P~~ = that worldwide raspberry sound!

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