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lol...free money...

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    Seems some people love giving money away...


    What's more, the market appears too brain-dead, or scared, or disbelieving...or whatever...to take it off their hands.

    The blind leading the blind?

    Amazing how many people will jump for a few cents, only to buy back in a few cents higher...then sell for yet another "few cents" a little further up.

    Whilst not a bad strategy in some stocks, for others, such an approach will do litle more than leave half the profits on the table.

    The probelem when we over trade is that as "temporaries" we see someone else selling and figure we better do so as well...not realising the ones selling are likely doing so according to a plan and not necessarily as any indication that full value has been reached.

    I can see significant rises near term for this, yet I still sold about 20% of my options today...not because I think they have reached a top, far from it in fact, but simply because by doing so, the rest of my options are now free carried.

    This was a very specific reason for me, based purely on portfolio management, as part of MY trading strategy...and nothing to do with the stock...yet interestingly, most times I sold, others followed as if my trade was some sort of signal?

    Surely MY strategy is no reason for others to sell?


    Anyway, after a 5 bagger on the options it seemed prudent to get back my initial capital, which I have now done, so I can effectively put the rest of my options to sleep for as long as it takes.

    Haven't touched my heads though...and no interest in trading them as it is not really a high probability play in this stock at this time.


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