LOK KAZ SNX - Amended views...

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    For you LOK, KAZ and SNX fans these are MacQaurie's amended views:

    This weeks recommendation changes
    Upward revisions
    Looksmart (LOK)
    Upgraded to short term Hold
    First quarter result shows the company is tracking to expectations. Now less business risk
    going forward. Please note, our risk factor remains speculative.
    Downward revisions
    KAZ Group Ltd (KAZ)
    Downgraded to short term Underperform
    Recent downgrade was significant enough to suggest the price will struggle over the next few
    months until some Aspect merger issues are addressed.
    Securenet Ltd (SNX)
    Downgraded to short term Hold
    With subdued conditions expected to continue for at least the next three to six months, we
    have revised our recommendation.
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