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    Hi Desertboot,

    1 day up does not guarantee anything.

    As you pointed out Look are expecting good figures come 25th Oct Quarterly.

    Major reason for the move is more to do on the back of Yahoo's figures and the resigning of the Google/Yahoo contract.

    One point to make. It is a non-exclusive contract and still opens the door for a third partner re: listings as Yahoo pointed out.
    This means that Yahoo will be looking towards. Look/Wisenut , Teoma , Inkt ,Adwords Google,Over.

    One of the major moves I would expect re: increased revenue will come from Overture which reports on the 22nd of this month. This should bade the way for Look's reporting. The 3rd quarter for Look is expecting reasonably good figures as they have not altered their guidance.

    The major interest will be more to do with Wisenut and how they plan on integrating it into Look or as a stand alone. Once we know, any new distribution deals then the 4th quarter figures will be the all important factor.

    Going on todays movement, I would be more inclined to see what the US does tonight and possibly Monday before jumping in. For the last few weeks LOK has been in a similar position only to come unstuck due to the US.

    It must break the resistance of the $1 before we can really say that it has turned the corner.
    Mind you it is getting close.

    Cheers markco
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