GBG 0.00% 2.9¢ gindalbie metals ltd


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    I understand that maybe in the present climate no debt is good but only time will tell if this is a good deal for GBG shareholders.
    This now gives Ansteel 36% of Lodestone and other tenements for putting money up only for Karara.
    Also 36% is a large %and if this effectively gives Ansteel control do they then have the ability to in future set prices for ore sold.
    Once they have a large % they will probably be able to get their own directors on the board. I am not familiar with all the rules but can they possibly get a majority of directors on the board..
    I bought my shares cheap enough to be still sitting on a large profit but I feel in the next 12 months with production happening hopefully we are being sold short.
    Surely any debt incurred can be paid of reasoably quickly once production happens.
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