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Locur, John 1610 Self--BK's Great Grandfather many

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    SteveStebbing (ID#: 247417) Puss---here is bonkers back in the 1600's 4/10/00 4:39:24 PM 2265676
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    Here are some of my forbears Puss (depends on which line you go back on--this is through the female line-we all have different races within us--as evrytime someone bonks someone---you get another family tree being added.---Steve
    Kinship of John Locur
    Name Birth date Relationship with John Locur
    Amatt, Elizabeth 08 August 1614 Wife
    Amatt, Richard 1589 Father-in-law
    Boyton, Margaret Daughter-in-law
    Lacy, Elizabeth 1589 Mother-in-law
    Locur, John 1610 Self
    Lokker, John 22 February 1646 Son
    Lokker, John 27 November 1680 Grandson
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