LNPs Dr Jensen goes public on Abbott

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    "Prime Minister Tony Abbott no longer has support of Liberal backbencher Dennis Jensen"

    "Federal Liberal backbencher Dennis Jensen has broken ranks and publicly declared Prime Minister Tony Abbott no longer has his support.
    Dr Jensen's statement shows momentum is building for a possible move against Mr Abbott, who has been battling increasing speculation that his leadership is terminal.
    Dr Jensen said Mr Abbott had been aware of his position for more than a week.
    "I told the Prime Minister that on January 23," he told the ABC.
    "I texted him, and this was prior to the Prince Philip [knighthood] debacle, I texted him and told him that he no longer enjoyed my support."
    Dr Jensen said the Prime Minister should be replaced as soon as possible.
    "In my view the more quickly you do this, the better," he said."

    The last line above is telling. Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop would be a formidable combination provided they can drop unfairly targeted policies and come up with a more measured, fairer approach.
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