LNP $3 Billion Tax Hike

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    The LNP has no idea about the true cost to taxpayers of their relentless policy opinion of attempting to transfer the Interest of the Deficit burden onto Australian taxpayers which they claim is so high at 2.44% pa but would cost 4 times more in taxpayers hands who would need to borrow or divert other funds to pay the increased taxes to bring down the Fed Govt Deficit.

    Taxpayers are unable to borrow money at 2.44%pa because the banks want to make a mark up of between 100% to 1000% depending on how taxpayers would need to fund the increased taxes JOE HOCKEY on behalf of the LNP wishes to transfer onto taxpayers most of which are LNP Voters and supporters.

    Some people would be able to increase their Lines of Credit at 5%pa to pay the tax,
    some people would need to pay commercial interest rates of about 10%pa
    some others without security might need to use their Credit Cards to pay the tax @ 24% pa.

    This LNP POLICY is SERIOUSLY FLAWED...it seeks to transfer a cheaply funded deficit currently costing only 2.44% pa interest over into private hands and thereby restricting the ability of taxpayers to do what they might otherwise have done with the extra money taxpayers would be paying in SUBSTANTIALLY higher interest costs.

    IT would effectively be an INCREASE IN TAX OF $3 Billion per month instead of the current effective rate of $1 billion per month. Its another form of TAX INCREASE...which the substantial interest cost would fall on the private taxpayers.

    HOCKEY might believe his policy is a smart one but he is delusional and that's why the LNP are on the nose. They just cant see the wood for the trees while they smoke those disgusting cigars or maybe its dope that's making these nitwits in Zegna suits become so convinced that their dopey policies are the best way forward? IMHO they are WRONG WRONG, WRONG but they NOT listening as they keep their train hurtling down the track to destruction of the Australian Taxpayer[their own nitwit supporters] they claim to be wanting to protect. Utter nonsense.

    WAKE UP Business Council of Australia ...go back to school.

    Current cost to taxpayers $1 Billion per month
    EXTRA COST TO TAXPAYERS $3 Billion per month under LNP POLICY.

    *LESS money for business expansion,
    * LESS money for jobs,
    * MORE interest costs for tax deductions.

    NO BENEFIT FOR FEDS except another term for ALP
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