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Havent been on the forums much of late, but here's an update on...

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    Havent been on the forums much of late, but here's an update on LNG...

    So we've got a support diagonal coming from Sep 2017 low, which the stock price is finding some support at recently.
    Then we've got a resistance diagonal coming from Jun 2016 high, which the stock has been both above and below over the past few months, now it looks to be testing it for support...

    What i like about this chart is the weekly indicators. Stochastics and MACD both look primed for a move.  The stock price has been trading at its lowest levels since its run at the start of 2018, and there seems to be some apetite to buy in the mid 40's, as we saw the run from 44c to 50c on volume in recent days.

    My punt would be to buy at or about the trend lines, stops below (not advice)

    I can see this running hard on the sniff of a rumor...

    Weekly and daily charts below:


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Currently unlisted public company.

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