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LNC get UCG approval

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    LNC has just been given UCG approval to operate in Wyoming. This should help get CNX over the line with its own UCG approval - happy days ahead

    • Linc Energy’s UCG Research & Development License (UCG R&D License) is the first UCG project approval in the United States in 20 years • Linc Energy’s UCG R&D License meets all State (Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality - WDEQ) and Federal (Environmental Protection Agency - EPA) stringent technical and regulatory requirements • The United States EPA supported the WDEQ decision and granted final approval of the UCG R&D License aquifer exemption (AE) • UCG R&D License allows Linc Energy to operate a UCG project in Wyoming Linc Energy Ltd (SGX: TI6) (OTCQX: LNCGY), is pleased to announce that the Company’s Wyoming (USA) Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) Research & Development License Application (Project) was approved by the WDEQ allowing the Company to operate a UCG Project in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin (PRB). On 8 September 2014 the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved Linc Energy’s aquifer exemption request (AE), the final regulatory requirement in the extensive License application process that included multiple public comment sessions, an administrative hearing and stringent technical and regulatory reviews. Prior to the WDEQ and EPA approval, the independent Wyoming Environmental Quality Council (EQC), which is a Governor-appointed citizen council, formally supported the WDEQ’s approval by its overwhelming decision in favor of approving the Project by a vote of 6 to 1. This public hearing was conducted by the EQC at the request of a local environmental group to review the Project. The WDEQ, EQC and EPA approvals demonstrates that, after rigorous review, Linc Energy’s UCG Project has met the high standards of the State and Federal (USA) technical and regulatory requirements. “The issuance of this UCG R&D License is a major milestone for the Company and validates Linc Energy’s commitment and ability to responsibly deploy its world leading Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) technology in one of the richest coal resource sites in the world, whilst meeting and exceeding the requirements of some of the world’s most stringent regulatory agencies; WDEQ and EPA”, said Peter Bond, Linc Energy Chief Executive Officer. “The approval from the WDEQ demonstrates the success that can be achieved from a transparent and robust process and the manner in which industry and independent environmental regulators can partner and work together to satisfy the energy demands for an entire region in a safe, environmentally sound manner.”
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