LIving standard ( housing ) rort

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    We have per capita recession for long time now.
    ( more people less jobs... basic necessities wroth % much higher then wage increases) .

    But overall looks good for Government... and big businesses .. not for ordinary Australians...

    Government ( big business formulary ) has been simple - MORE IMMIGRATION ( they love big Australia)

    Just rearing today in SMH .. extra 1.3mln expected in Sydney in next 10 years...

    Welcome to 3rd world country..where divide between poor and rich will be huge... overcrowded places ( schools, roads, hospitals) ...

    We have to vote this Government out ... and elect Government who will tackle immigration issue ! This is demising Australia and its people !

    Australians can not afford house,, low wages vs living cost, suppressed wages ( look what students earn today out of Uni / TAFE vs `15 years ago.. it is the same !)

    It will only exacerbate.... if we do not take any actions !!!
    Write to you MPs .. make it a discussion point of your conversation..
    It is effecting you everyday..
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