Livin' life to the MAX

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    What's the point of making money on the sharemarket?

    So you can then spend it, of course!

    One current goal I have is to purchase another motor bike. Not something sane & sensible - but something a little outrageous.
    Something that's almost guaranteed to get me into trouble - the Yamaha V Max.

    Originally released in 1985, this 70 degree 1200cc V-four remains basically unchanged ever since then. Its role in life is simple -
    to possess blistering stoplight to stoplight performance. Back in the eighties it was the quickest production bike over the quarter
    mile; in 2002 it proudly wears this mantle still.

    Sure, as speeds get stratospheric, other bikes may pass it or out handle it - but how often are you travelling at over 120mph?

    I know the V Max doesn't look as neat & elegant as many other machines such as those in the famed Ducati stable. To some,
    it may even appear ugly. But when you're suddenly afflicted by a bad dose of licence losing white knuckle fever - when you feel
    the urge to unashamedly blister some straight line pavement - this is the machine you'd want to be on.

    Ahh yes, the V Max. It's not a particularly good tourer. Nor a particularly good cruiser. In fact, it doesn't do a lot of things
    particularly well, except storm from stoplight to stoplight in the most frenzied fashion, with the rider's eyeballs being compressed
    firmly back into their sockets. It's certainly not for everyone. But then again when you're sitting at a stoplight beside a smug rider
    on his latest new fangled sportster costing twice as much as yours, sometimes simply nothing else will do......

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