littletea - avoiding difficult questions, again?

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    Littletea, you posted...

    Could you please explain the difference between this quote and let's say a quote from a Palestinian Editorial that says –

    'We wish our martyers better luck in the future in carrying out its mission of safeguarding the lives of Palestinian people from the murderous acts of the IDF.'

    I’ll answer your question but only after you answer the question I put to you the other day……..

    If Aborigines took the same view and Geoff Clark behaved as Arafat, and used the same tactics as the Pallies and blew up buses and shopping malls, night clubs etc etc, would you have a problem with that?

    After all no one questions the Aborigines claim they were here first.

    No one questions they were a nation, that they were indigenious to Australia. Unlike the Pallies, they have their own language/s.

    You also said that if you were in the same situation as the Pallies, you would resort to the same tactics. So, obviously you would condone the Aborigines if they shared your views and behaved as the Pallies. I also commented that you would not be overly upset if an Aborigine blew up a bus with your wife and children on board. You would be understanding…no? After all, you said you would adopt the same tactics as the Pallies!!

    So… about a response?

    You’ve had plenty of time to think about it.

    Then, you'll get my response to your post........

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