little johnie is just a beginner

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    Little Johnie is only a begiiner compared to
    the USA as far as telling whoppers is concerned. For example

    In 1898, the U.S.S. Maine blew up off the coast of Cuba, killing over 250 U.S. sailors. Although most historians believe it was an accident, Congress used "Remember the Maine" as a rallying cry to declare war on Spain.

    In 1964, a pair of U.S. Navy destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin reported being fired upon by the North Vietnamese, an attack that in reality never happened. Yet President Lyndon Johnson used the incident to win support for a congressional resolution authorizing military force in Vietnam.

    In 1990, President George Bush Sr. perpetrated the infamous "babies-being-pulled-from-incubators hoax," which claimed that Iraqi troops had invaded a hospital in Kuwait City, ripped babies from incubators and shipped the incubators off to Baghdad. After the war, it was determined that the story had been fabricated by a Washington public relations firm that had been paid $10.7 million by the government of Kuwait.
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