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Lithium & The Future

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    Back in the eighties the internet was just getting underway.
    Not many people got it. They kind of thought well this could change everything but never dreamed the fax would die.
    After all it was not that long since the fax replaced the telex.
    The idea of a Company using it for promotion was a vague one at best.
    What was happening then was disruptive technology.
    The kind of technology that comes around once or twice in a lifetime and changes the world forever.
    I thought to myself well the ones with the name would be the most likely to have success.
    I bought into REA and PLS. At that time REA were around 50 cents, now over 40 dollars.
    I just sold a web name that owed me $60 for EUR 8000
    Such is the power of disruptive technology.

    The internet was the disruptive technology of the eighties.
    Battery storage will in my opinion be the disruptive technology we will see next.
    In this thread I'll outline over a long period....

    Why Lithium could very likely be the next disruptive technology

    Advances that are being made that show we are early in the potential for Lithium.

    What are the alternatives and how they stack up to Lithium.

    What are the possible complimentary minerals to Lithium

    Who will be the potential winners and loses.

    Why the world cannot ignore Lithium

    All comments will be IMO and I will welcome any sensible discussion.
    Any typically childish schoolyard responses that are not relevant will be reported.

    We are on an interesting journey. Just like in the eighties I'm not sure we truly grasp the magnitude of that journey.
    Investing is research but above all else it's trying to peer through the window of the future.
    The more we look the more we understand our investment and the less we react to daily fluctuations.
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