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    I'm biased towards BGS... Was invested in PLS at 5.4c and made 150% and kicking myself .... My Ex made a great deal more i'm lead to believe, but the opportunity to double triple ya money from these levels is doubtful given its current MC... That's why I'm still (overly) confident in the BGS story,,.One only needs to hold until the start of 2018 when its Gold royalty starts flowing in and the Lithium demand kicks into full gear, It could grow to an easy 300-400 million MC and still be undervalued given its attempts to fast track into production..either as a concentration plant or full LI2O facility.
    If one wants to argue the tyranny of distance, we are a global community and the Malian government are intent on diversifying from its reliance on the Gold production (currently Africas third largest producer) and only second behind cotton for its GDP income... Don't be fooled..Malian Government wants this mine to go ahead... Its in the best interests for all involved, for the job security of locals and income to fund the Governments Northern Saharan tribal disputes.
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