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I had a discussion with Joe Walsh about infinity lithium whether...

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    I had a discussion with Joe Walsh about infinity lithium whether their process of extracting lithium from mica holding minerals did compete with Lmax.
    Below my question, and the answer of Joe who gave consent to publish this on this forum;

    Hi,As one of your stockholders (250 k) I would like to know whether the lithium extraction process from lithium mica minerals used by infinity lithium (https://www.infinitylithium.com/project) fundamentally differs from the process patented by your company. Has this advantages? As you will be aware they are working at the San Jose project in Spain in order to be able to deliver lithium to European customers.If your/our process has significant advantages I wonder why this company would not be interested in applying your process in order to improve the cost benefit of their project and maybe also improving the 'green' status of the project. As you know Europe is very keen to secure that the production of batteries, EV's and so on is really 'green'.I assume that you have patent protection in Europe as is clear from the cooperation with Cornish Lithium.Please inform me on this subject

    Thank you for your email.
    Lepidico's proprietary process technology, L-Max, is designed to treat lithium mica and phosphate minerals. It is well documented that the dominant lithium mineral species at the San Jose deposit is the lithium mica mineral zinnwaldite. Lepidico is on record as stating that, it is reasonable for people to conclude that over the years Lepidico has had or tried to have discussions with the owners of any notable lithium mica deposits and has non-disclosure agreements with many of these. We continue to be interested in allowing third parties to undertake testwork at their expense to evaluate Lepidico's technologies and assuming positive results consider a licence arrangement.
    There are several lithium mica deposits globally that are trying to be advanced based on roasting technology, and San Jose is one of these. As time goes on I believe it will get more and more difficult to get projects permitted and financed that employ roasting, particularly in developed countries. Lepidico's view is that L-Max provides a 21st century solution to chemical extraction from lithium mica minerals that is more environmentally and socially acceptable than other processes, in particular roasting.

    Kind regards,

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