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Yes very well and succinctly put buxomley. I just don't get why...

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    Yes very well and succinctly put buxomley. I just don't get why at any age you would be against the concept of electric cars. They are a superior technology, better acceleration meaning safer in a tight spot, cheaper to run, far less moving parts meaning much less maintenance cost, then there is the air quality and environmental issues.

    If you accept that the are on their way and a disruptive technology as all the automakers do then you accept there will and is about to be massive lithium demand.

    To segway a bit I studied teaching as a very young bloke. Don't ask me why but at 16/17 you don't really know. I did know though at the Uni there were 6 girl students to every boy student!! And it seemed a decent fun job.

    One thing I remember I learnt from teacher training is do you know the difference between an 8 yo and an 80 yo?

    We don't change.
    The show off at 6 will be the bragger at 60. The shy one at 9 will be the shy one at 90. There is no or very little change.

    And kids who can't get positive attention by being popular will often play up, engage in negative behaviors to get negative attention because its better than no attention.

    Thats how I see eugened. The kid in the class who doesn't have mates and is a bit lonely and would really like to fit in but doesn't know how so they do or say dumb stuff all the time to at least be noticed.

    I see everyone more or less as big kids because we don't actually change from how we are in Primary school except in very small ways. A lot of the people who play up on HC are actually just lonely, thats why I don't always go too hard on them.
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