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liquified natural gas shortage in usa

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    The Bulletin has an article on this shortage.The main reason is for power generation in the US.Gas use has accelerated due to polution concerns.This is good news for our gas industry but may be bad for minerals if the US slows down.The top end of Australia,NW Shelf to Darwin will be a mass of activity to get the gas up and sell to the US.They already supply major contracts to Asia and the US would probably double that.The US uses 22 trillion cubic feet a year[5 times the gas reserves of Bass Strait].Gas makes up 24% of all energy used in the US....and 90% of energy input in industries.So you see it is worth taking a look at the companies active in the north.Apart from the oil/gas explorers and producers,the service industries like CLO and MRM will be flat out getting the new projects off the ground.CLO is the only Australian company with the right licences to do underwater work and MRM is their contractor[CLO is a 20% shareholder].Both CLO and MRM are active all around Australia from Bass Strait to Darwin to NW Shelf.Good times ahead for all involved in our gas industry.
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