Lion Tamer

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    A circus owner needed a new lion tamer, to replace one the lions ate, so he put an ad in the employment secton of the local rag. He got two replies, one from a gorgeous looking voluptuous twenty three year old female and the other from an eighty-two year old man.

    To test their suitability so he could make a decision the circus owner decided to give them a short trial. "You can go first" he said to the young lady as he opened the door to the lion cage.

    The gorgeous girl stepped in and promptly removed all her clothes. Looking on astounded the circus owner watched as the lions nuzzle up to her legs and then lick her all over.

    Turning to the eighty-two year old he said "there do you think you can do that?". "No problem" said the old timer "but you will have to take the lions out first".

    Boom boom.

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