AGM 0.00% $1.60 australian governance & ethical index fund

line in the sandsommersault first attack

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    As I said this morning ,make or brake day .

    Well,on a day where nickel ,lme 3 months , was off US 1000.00 TO 34300 per ton last night and where just about every local nickel stock,wsa,mre,mcr,smy were seriously off the pace ,up pops AGM with a sterling performance -up 2.88% -now 71.5.

    Hey and AGM is not even producing,talk about sentiment !!!.

    Are the big instos back ??.I don't know .All I see so far ,here come the dreary figures again -green candle ,not yet higher highs or higher lows but could surprise in the close.

    Don't break out the Crystal champagne yet,could be a dead cat bounce ,early days ,but it is a start.

    Iam in at 71 but finger on the trigger.

    Make up your own mind.
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