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lim takeover another notch in jps gunhandle

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    Believe LionOre canada has finally been assimilated into some Russian Nickel major with original holders in DRE who took up LIM shares, being paid out at 35 bucks a share (canadian?).

    If I had held onto my original parcel of DRE (1999) cost 10 cps, methinks I would be receiving a cheque now for around 7 million bucks (canadian?). Unfortunately tho it was sacrificed early to pay personal living expenses after my own personal "market crash" kinda set me back around then.

    Moral ...... JP is King Midas himself. TKL is JP's Nickel boat this resources supercycle. TKL is around 13 mill market cap atm free carried by IGO with some kinda resource albeit "small" (?) already under its belt.

    I like to follow King Midas plus add a little "faith" and "prayers" with an occasional ram slaughtered (around Easter time haha) in Zeus' name and for his guidance.

    Hence my core is just that ..... locked away for so long as we have a resources supercycle ....... and will be looking for techno-breakout signs to dive in head first for some trading parcels in usual MO.

    For now I wait with the rest of yas haha. May King Midas' touch rub off on us a bit here.

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