like father, like son

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    Like Father, Like Son
    Yedidya Atlas
    10 June 2003

    Much has already been written as to why the Bush “Road Map” is dangerous for Israel, why it rewards terrorism, etc., etc. So I won’t bother to focus on the obvious. After all, we in Israel have already lived through the Rogers Plan, the Vance Plan, the Reagan Plan, the Mitchell Plan, the Tenet Plan, the Saudi Plan and probably some other plans I’ve forgotten about - all of which are basically the same, including the Bush “Road Map” Plan.

    In essence, all of these Plans boil down to this: Israel, the victim, is labeled the aggressor and must give up tangible assets, which puts her national physical survival in jeopardy, while rewarding the terrorist aggressors, who are officially designated “poor, misunderstood victims”. Their brutal and murderous violence has to be excused because:

    a. they are stateless (although they never had a state before. Their purported nationality was only recently invented as a tactical weapon to make an amnesiac world forget that 21 heavily armed Arab countries with hundreds of millions of people have been trying their darnedest to destroy Israel and the Jewish People for most of the last century; and so their Madison Avenue flunkies came up with the “poor Palestinians” ploy);

    b. they live in a violent culture (Islamic, which in a multi-cultural world is okay, because who’s to say what is moral and what’s not?);

    c. their enemies are Jews. So automatically it’s okay, because they’re only killing Jews (who should be used to it by now and should stop complaining), and by supporting the “poor Palestinians” and opposing the “Israeli aggressor”, one can be anti-Semitic in Politically Correct company, where it is not de rigueur to admit that the real reason you oppose Israel is because you hate Jews; and

    d. All of the above.

    Therefore, I am going to focus on why US President George W. Bush, considered up until recently as the best friend Israel ever had in the White House, has now apparently joined the Threaten Israel’s Existence Club.

    Various media pundits are valiantly making efforts to somehow explain Mr. Bush, Jr.’s sudden hostile behavior garbed in reassuring words of concern for Israel’s security. In fact, irrespective of actual intentions, he is openly aiming to divide Israel, thus rewarding terrorism and mass murder (including the killing of 27 Americans since Arafat’s minions attacked Israel in September 2000); financing, arming and giving further training to a Palestinian Arab terrorist army; forcing “ethnic cleansing” of Jews from their Biblical heartland at the demand of the terrorist murders; and returning Israel to the pre-1967 or 1949 Cease-Fire Lines, described by the late Abba Eban as “The Auschwitz Lines” because of their indefensibility against attack, making Israel easier to destroy.

    Why has George W. Bush seem to have become another Bill Clinton, purporting to be Israel’s best friend while holding Israel back from defeating its enemies, supporting and giving legitimacy to those enemies’ false claims, and morally equating legitimate and peaceful settlement activity with brutal terrorist mass murder?

    Why has George W. Bush reportedly threatened America’s only loyal, democratic and dependable ally in the Middle East, Israel, to deliberately weaken itself and refrain from winning a vicious terrorist war? It is a war being waged by the very same Palestinian Arab terrorist organizations who openly supported Saddam Hussein and even participated in the war in Iraq against American troops; yet, nonetheless they are being protected, encouraged and actively supported by the US State Department and now also by US President George W. Bush, whether he understands it or not. There are a number of possible reasons being suggested for this apparent sudden change of heart:

    a. Mr. Bush is a born-again Methodist who believes in “replacement theology”; i.e., the Christians have replaced the Jews as God’s Chosen People and is therefore against Jewish hegemony in the Holy Land (this, according to several leading Evangelical Christian leaders who reject “replacement theology”);

    b. His father, former US President George Bush, Sr., and former US Secretary of State James Baker, leading the pack of Aramco/Saudi corporate sycophants, are playing son George W. like a puppet and are willing to sacrifice Israel and key American strategic interests for economic gains for members of their cronies club;

    c. Carl Rove, US President George W. Bush’s political advisor has decided that this will help re-elect Mr. Bush in the upcoming US presidential election next year, and therefore Israel can be thrown to the terrorist wolves if it might help the campaign;

    d. Initially pushed by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to move forward on a “Road Map” type plan, Mr. Bush, Jr., who, as a “Big Picture” man, soon allowed the Arabist State Department to cut Mr. Sharon and the Israelis out of the formulation of the plan and re-introduce the usual reekingly biased plan against basic Israeli interests, rather than deal with actual life and death (for Israel) details; and

    e. All of the above to varying degrees.

    I can’t tell you which reason is the most accurate. I can’t get inside Mr. Bush’s head. I can tell you that US President George W. Bush, intentionally or not, is making the same mistake his father made. He is choosing the immoral, even if perceived-to-be politically expedient, path, which is in direct contradiction to God’s Road Map Plan for the Land of Israel and the Jewish People.

    Mr. Bush, Jr. will be running for re-election next year. But if he continues on this path, he will have lost the bulk of the Jewish vote that until now, was potentially increasing in number, and is key in at least three electorally important states (New York, Florida and California). He will also have lost a significant percentage of what was his hardcore voter base, some 40-50 million Evangelical Christians, who are strong supporters of Israel, and who are key voter blocs throughout the south, southwest and parts of the mid-west.

    A decade ago, the Bush-Baker corporate cabal tried hard to force similar dictates down Israel’s throat. Then US President Bush, Sr., whose popularity was at an all time high after his perceived victory in the 1991 Gulf War, plummeted to ultimate defeat after he arrogantly wielded his political power to force Israel to make unilateral tangible concessions to the officially designated representatives of the same Palestinian Arab terrorists.

    Like father, like son. George W. Bush, who started out as a world-class leader after September 11th, as he took the moral high ground and declared and carried out a war against terrorism, is sadly throwing it all away as he chooses the immoral low ground with his practical persecution of Israel, his country’s only true ally in the region, on behalf of the very terrorist murderers he claims to oppose. And as a result, if he does not return to be the George W. Bush we once admired, he too will be a one-term president, going down in the annals of American political history as one who had it all and blew it.
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