like banging my head against the wall

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    Like Banging My Head Against the Wall
    by Arlene Peck
    Nov 23, '04

    You know, folks, sometimes I feel that I am banging my head against the wall. I want to think that the world is not so stupid as to just not 'get it'.

    Israel? It is not in an intifada; the entire world, everywhere, is in a war. A war, damn it, with a savage subculture that I believe is truly out to kill everyone who is not part of it - a war against Islamist crazies.

    As a journalist, I think sometimes I am privy to information and news stories that you folks out there don't see. But, to tell the truth, I mostly think it is that most of you just don't care. And, frankly, it frustrates me.

    I kept saying that Israel was the canary in the coal mine; and that when the rest of us saw on our very own shores the attacks that Israel had been sustaining for the past few years, it would be different. It was not as I predicted, although the dysfunctional culture called Islamism has begun to march over the horizon and darken our lives on a daily basis.

    Each night, we are privileged to watch the evening news where we see savage Islamic Fundamentalists sending another ten or twenty of our American boys home in body bags from yet another roadside bombing by "insurgents". Well, folks, they are not "insurgents" or "freedom fighters". People who live for death and do these despicable things do not represent a peaceful religion, as we would like to believe.

    Are you aware that, according to Islam it is "incumbent on all adult males, provided they are not disabled or incapacitated, to prepare themselves for the conquest of countries so that the writ of Islam is obeyed in every country in the world." They are told along with their nursery rhymes that if you are not like them, then you are to be killed - Jew and Christian alike.

    This is the stuff that terrorists are made of and they begin to learn this from birth - from birth! I would not be surprised if bombs were strapped on their bodies along with diapers. In an effort to maintain political correctness and not "hurt peoples' feelings", our media tries to gloss over the truth - that it is this subculture that has made it "them" vs. "us". In addition, Israel has nothing to do with the twenty-one other wars that are raging around the globe now, with the Islamist movement killing and taking over cities and towns at an alarming rate. My neighbors don't want to admit it, but we are in World War III.

    Every day, I receive correspondence like the one today from a couple, Dave and Nancy Green from Denver, Colorado. They wrote me requesting help in getting their daughter back from Saudi Arabia where she has been held captive for the past eight years. Their story is the duplicate of the movie Not Without My Daughter. Their kid married an Arab husband who wanted to return with her for a few weeks to his homeland to "finish up some studies" -- and the rest is history.

    This poor couple has been trying for more than eight years to get their daughter back; she is regularly abused by her Saudi husband. The desperate parents have been told by the US State Department, "That's the way the Saudi culture is." With President George Bush singing the praises of his "good friends, the Saudis" - who are supposed to be the moderate ones - I don't expect the situation to change anytime in the near future.

    Nobody in that dysfunctional culture that preaches death and thrives on bombs and "jihad" is moderate. And they're multiplying at an alarming rate. How many of you have ten children? Eight? Five? Okay, maybe two or three. For now. All of these Islamist crazies are, by law, allowed to have four wives. From those wives, they average ten kids a piece. How long do you think it is going to take before they take over the voting booths?

    Recently, I was out with a friend from Dearborn, Michigan. She was telling me how she went back there recently and was astounded to see that the entire city of Dearborn seemed to be a Muslim city. Where she remembered churches standing, now there are just mosques. The schools were filled with girls wearing the headscarves and it was not unusual to see women walking on the streets in full garb of burkas. Dearborn, Michigan! They have taken over half of Europe and twenty-two countries are in a war now with this so-called peaceful culture. Tell me, what does Israel have to do with any of that?

    I remember a conversation with Rabbi Meir Kahane twenty-five years ago. He told me, "They're not going to beat us with bullets. They are going to gain control by ballots. The Arabs have a plan.... We don't." He was right. They've infiltrated our prison system and turned it into a training ground for terrorists. The more educated are telling their children to become more involved with the media and politics when they study. Most times, that means at our universities. Then they can really take control.

    What does it take to realize what is happening? The global terrorist network has a plan. I see it every night on the television when I watch what has become as common as the hijackings and suicide bombers they've brought to the world. Welcome to the Third Crusade.

    They're primitive, they're cunning and they're out to kill us. Five times a day in mosques around the world, one message is hammered home. The message? "Kill the infidels!" And if you're not a Muslim, then you're an infidel.

    Sure, not all Muslims are violent or want to behead every stranger they encounter; however, tell me - if a Muslim majority thinks that what their brothers are doing is wrong, where is their outcry? Show me the protest marches. Show me the full-page ads in a national newspaper decrying the barbarism perpetrated in the name of Allah. You can't, because they're aren't any.

    Banging our heads against the wall won't solve this problem. Negotiation, political correctness, 'making nice' -- doesn't work. How many more victims of 'Islamofascism' before we wake up?

    Christians have closed their eyes to the fact that they're targets, too. Why? Because it's convenient for them to condone the Arab version of events in the mistaken belief that this glorifies Christianity. It is a perverse, revisionist history of Biblical Israel, which denies the reality of thousands of years of Hebrew civilization and settlement in the Jewish homeland.

    Granted, at the moment, the Evangelicals may be the only Christian friends that Israel has. And if they want to convert us and help us find Jesus, fine. Quite frankly, I'll worry about that later. For the moment, at least, they seem to be aware of the facts. And most Europeans and Canadians probably are, too. But that still hasn't prevented them from pandering to the radical Muslim minorities demanding influence in their new countries. Fear has entered into their politics and most seem all too willing to make Israel the new Czechoslovakia.

    Israel alone is fighting this - and there's the shame, because the crazed culture of militant Islam wants to destroy everything which doesn't fit it in with its world view.

    How much higher does the body count have to go before we wake up?

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