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light at end of tunnel

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    It has been a long time coming but there are signs of hope and optimism. Company has had a dreadful year with the md being sacked, mine being sold and A$POG being generally sad to crappy.
    Tax loss seliing has finished, company seeking sharehjolder approval to sell the mine in 10 days, then 10M from GBS comes in the door. Drilling rig at Agate Creek
    Currrent resource 428,000 ounces, mostly inferred, put $75 per ounce on that equals say $25M
    Discount the payments to be received over the next 18 mths , say $40M
    Value $65M, 500M shares= about 14c.
    If Agate drilling comes good and they add tonnes and decent ounces and the A$POG shows some life, then 20c is a chance over the next 12 months. Wouldn't mind seeing a decent credentialed MD being appointed also to help turn round negative sentiment.
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