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    Australian Aboriginese should consider themselves lucky that it was white people who came and took over Australia. Would they prefer to be take nover by Chinese, Indonesians or Japanese?

    I was chatting with a well-educated Columbian recently and when I asked him how the Spanish treated their indigenous peoples, this engineer said the Spanish were very harsh and caused the death of about 40-60% of their native population.

    I suggest the British killing of 90% of Australia’s natives greatly overshadows the Columbians---a well-known place for brutality.

    The fact of the matter is that Aboriginese and technically black people in general are more likely to be physically limited in their intellectual capacity in comparison to plethora of other races. Being oppressed is not necessarily a valid reason considering that other minority groups like Jewish,ethnically Chinese

    You are misguided as modern genetics tells us there is no difference in the innate intellectual abilities between a white and an Australian Aboriginal population.There is no scientific construct for race.


    Indonesian/Malaysian, etc manage to dominate despite attempts by majority populace in their respective countries to discriminate them or even downright genocide them. To be frankly honest, it is time for all black, not just aboriginese to stop blaming others for their shortcomings and actually putin an effort to raise their own living standards. In absolute terms, other races are obligated to help them, and there is no debate there but they need to start helping themselves...

    I have discussed this pointa few times in various threads dealing with Aboriginals Post #: 37765715

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