Liberals deserve the baseball bat

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    The ordinary folk of Australia are going to take a baseball bat to the Liberals at the election.
    It doesn't matter what trick they come up with in tonight's budget, too little too late.

    The problem is that the LNP MPs stand for nothing but more time with their snouts in the trough.
    Despite their shortcomings the ALP have a belief system and look after their own. The ALP factional system and union control of preselections means that the ALP MPs have to follow the party line.

    Liberal party members have no control over their MPs or policy. The ultimate LNP member was Peter Slipper.

    The LNP MPs don't know if they believe in a carbon tax or not. They put the failed ALP candidate, Turnbull, in as leader to get more time at the trough and took him out for the same reason.

    It was the LNP that started the fleecing of retirees, the ALP just joined in for the kill of their natuaral prey.

    Prepare for a decade of ALP government.

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