liberal mp seeks tough anti-terrorism stance

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    Liberal MP seeks tough anti-terrorism stance
    A Federal Government MP has called for tough action on Islamic extremists who support terrorism and questioned whether they should be allowed to stay in Australia at all.

    State and territory leaders will meet late next month to discuss measures including identity cards, transport security and tougher anti-terror legislation in response to the London bombings.

    Liberal MP Sophie Panopoulos says she is hopeful Australia will shortly follow the example of the British Government, which has already introduced new laws to fight terrorism.

    She has told Parliament the problem needs to be tackled directly.

    "Now is not the time to walk on the egg shells of political correctness. Let us accept the fact that Muslim extremists live in Australia, they don't accept our open and democratic society, they think we're infidels and that we deserve what 's coming to us in the form of terrorism," she said.

    "We must vigorously defend our democratic civilisation, our rule of law, one law for all Australians our way of life without fear or favour."
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