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    Support drops for Bush's performance over Iraq: poll

    A new poll in the United States shows a significant drop in support for President George W Bush's handling of the situation in Iraq.

    In early April, 74 per cent of people approved of the President's role in Iraq but in a poll taken by Newsweek during the past two days, Mr Bush has lost 20 points, with only 53 per cent of people happy with how he is handling the post-conflict situation.

    His overall approval rating is down to 55 per cent from 61 per cent in May.

    Just over half the people surveyed believed the Bush administration had not misled them about the reasons for going to war in Iraq.

    But a third felt they had been misled and the remainder were not sure.

    Half the people surveyed said the economy would be a bigger factor in how they voted at the next election than terrorism or national security.
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