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    Lihir has signifanctly underperformed its large cap peers. It has great leverge to the gold price, and i'm sure when gold breaks above $370 you will see it run. The value of its ounces in the ground at current share price levels is only US$29 per ounce - compare this to newmot US$180 and the extremely overpriced Oxiana US$350 per ounce (source miningweb).
    Lihir is not only a gold producer but an aggressive explorer.

    The recent poor results are due to the fact that the company has been extracting low grade ore - this will not be the case for much longer - read their reports.

    Lihir has a 30 year mine life - which will likely be extended even furrther early next year.

    Go for value, sell your other golds and buy Lihir - only time will tell.... its what makes markets great!
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