letter from a moderate britsh muslim

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    BBC and militants

    During the BBC news bulletin at 0700 on Dec 7, "Islamic" was added every time the word "militant" was used in the story on the attack on the US consulate in Jeddah. There could be some justification for this, if at all, if Saudi Arabia was a non-Muslim country. But when the entire country is Muslim, why should it be necessary to describe militants as "Islamic"?

    The adjective is not confined to militants in Saudi Arabia. Every time a Muslim is involved in militancy, the BBC describes him as "Islamic".

    On the other hand, the BBC never says "Catholic IRA terrorists" when this would have been perfectly justified because the Catholic minority in Northern Ireland is fighting against the Protestant majority.

    The only explanation for the BBC editors' outrageous use of this word is that they want to create hatred against Muslims.

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