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Catalogue: you point your finger to Chinese but did not tell the...

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    Catalogue: you point your finger to Chinese but did not tell the true stories of Chinese contribution to PDF/AYB.

    The true are that Chinese investors/ex-directors been invested more than $3M cash (more or less) into PDF/AYB, the biggest cash investment into PDF/AYB than any other groups; Where were these cash gone, you know better than most shareholders, can you tell the true please?

    The true are that two Chinese ex-directors named Pun Yan WU Benny and Ping HUANG have proven track record of re-build an Australian Public Listed Company from market cap of under $10M to approx. $200M, brought in a Fortune Global 500 Company, successfully completed the cash takeover bid of approx. $200M by the Fortune Global 500 Company and gain the maximum cash value to all the shareholders! proven track record:


    However, While Duckett, Taylor and you (Catalogue/Trevor Kelly) have been paid handsome director's fees, other fees and/or shares in lieu of director's fees. But all Chinese ex-Directors from 2013 have never been paid any director's fee during their directorship with PDF/AYB, or been denied Director's fees (which they entitled to), never been paid any expenses incurred in undertaking the role as a Director. 

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