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lets look at the reality

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    I for one have been in & out of this stock for months,never knowing where these type of stocks will lead us in terms of trumps or bumps. To me it has been a stock to trade, because of the uncertainy of the success. I posted an article last week after I had spoken to M's Meldrum the PR officer for VCR. Since then I've been buying more of the stock in some cases a bit more than I should have for the short term. But this is my case, if we see beyond the forest look at the product, the patents, the superiorty of their product the on going treatment/patient/year. The stock price will improve over time, to what price i do not know,but hell would't you think the sky is the limit? If we look at Cochlear, Resmed to name a few do you not think this Co will be up there given time? I truly do ( I hope so), not only does it give these poor people another grab at life but hopefully a quality of life. We are at the very early stage of undoubted success. This Co. will release their product in late 2003 or early 2004 in Europe, & hopefully in th U.S. with the FDA nod. There is no shortages of stock (patients). M's Meldrum is just gung ho on the stock considering the fact she does not hold any due to Corporate Law as I have been told. So I think if we have bought right forget the U buyers & all the negatives, people need hearts & if they have an ailing one this Co. is the Leader in all aspects.$20 billion year on year is the the figure I was told. So the top end stock price for this Co. is mind boggling, it really does have a huge part to ply for all concerned. So sit back & enjoy the ride for this is just very early days,I would like to think that we are investors in the product not reciepiants.........Best to all
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