LGL 0.00% $4.48 lihir gold limited.

lets keep it sensible

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    After all the rubbish posted by some writers on this site, I feel its time to keep the discussion sensible and civilised. LGL was short term over bought. It's now unwound this position and is, imo, set to carry on its march upwards. This is a major gold miner producing upwards of 700,000 ounces of gold and is an ASX 300 stock. Therefore, it's on the brokers radar screens. It also has been subject to margin call sales in response to the recent market sell off. The hysterical wailings due to the price reversals demonstrate weak hands of those who do not understand present market dynamics. We are in an environment where M3 money is inflating at the rate of > 15% in Oz. The US by Richard Russells estimate is inflating at 13%. Anyone noticed the street prices for goods of late. Gold goes up when inflation is roaring along at these levels. So the maxim is be patient. Barring problems in the volcanic pit, LGL will resume its advance.
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