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lets just take a walk and talk

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    Dear Shareholders,

    I'm going to take you on a walk around RSL - as if I was a buyer - a buyer who wanted to buy shares at a much lower price. I'm going to denigrate this stock - just like a car buyer would if they were wishing to purchase the car at a much cheaper price. The prospective car buyer, let's call him 'Larry' would tell you all the bad things about your car - and emphasise none of the good things. Larry will be hunting for every possible clue that will make you realise that your car is worthless. He wants to buy your car - that's why he's there - but he wants to pay the lowest possible price. He's not a tyrekicker - or he would have walked around once and walked away.

    Larry is like the downrampers of RSL. Now Larry wants to buy RSL he's not going to focus on the positives - he's going to find every little thing that he can that's wrong with your stock - but the reason he's looking and he's posting - is because he desperately wants your shares and wants you to be shaken by his resolve. So he won't say anything positive. He'll make you offload your shares to him and you'll feel like he's done you a favour. Larry, on the other hand, will wait - maybe a month - maybe two, but rest assured that he isn't talking down RSL because he really does believe it's a bad stock - he's focussing all his energies on this stock because secretly he believes it's good.

    He could focus his energies on downramping hundreds of other stocks but does he? No - because the one that he wants the cheapest is the one that you are holding. How many of you would waste your time downramping a stock that you are seriously not interested in? I certainly wouldn't. I've got far better things to do with my life.

    Just a little analogy for the RSL shareholders to ponder on, while you read some of the cleverly designed posts that are couched so that you believe this stock is worth less than what you paid for it. Often the Larry's of this world have told us already that they wish to buy these shares at a much cheaper price and now they are hell bent on shaking those trees so that you drop them in their lap. Sometimes they bend to truth to make you believe their stories.

    This analogy isn't restricted of course to RSL - but it certainly is evident on this stock IMO.

    Have a great day holders - stay firm and tuck those shares away lest the Larry's of this world get their hands on your stock. You know what you've bought and you know why you bought it.


    PS: Apologies to all the holders named "Larry".
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