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lets get this straight

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    Danube is plain wrong! His hypothesis is totally flawed, and his reasoning is not rational.

    If we are going to talk about negative factors for BMN, they are:

    1] Like it or not, the Savanah issue is a downer
    2] The JORC was not well received
    3] The general market is poor
    4] BMN is a GREAT stock to short
    5] There are "players" out there screwing around the SP
    5] losses lead to negative sentiment ... leads to sellers

    But that is IT!!

    This bullcrap from Danube is just that! It is not rational & shows his lack of understanding of large tonnage/low grade deposits. It is NOT the value per tonne you look at ... that is plain moronic! It is the cost to produce per lb ... with BMN that is just $22 - VERY economical.

    The Scoping study cost p/lb incorporates:
    1] geology
    2] metallurgy
    3] depth of resource
    4] bulk mining methods
    5] ease of extraction
    6] methods of extraction
    7] available infrastructure
    8] cost of infrastructure
    9] ease of shipping
    and more

    Now are any of you going to listen to an emotional Danube who keeps raving about $/tonne ... OR, are you going to listen to Coffey Mining, INDEPENDENT experts hired to evaluate the economics of Goanikontes, and who have ALREADY proved them themselves quite clearly to be conservative with the last JORC?

    Get real!

    Now sure, sell if want. I feel for those that bought at higher prices. But sell for the RIGHT reason & not some emotional claptrap that makes no sense.

    But any that have actually done any research will know where BMN will trading at by years end


    (I think Danube has me on ignore because I ripped into him in past times on his poor reseach & judgment ... too sad)
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