Let's face it Abbott is finished

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    Too many lies told before the election and for what?
    The LNP was guaranteed to win anyway.
    It was just sheer political expediency to win as many seats as possible.
    After flogging Krudd and Gillard mercilessly over lies and backflips it's about all we've seen from this government.
    The boats have been stopped. Carbon tax and mrrt tax gone. Massive ticks there but all the goodwill has been burned up. He has blown his political capital and given the opposition more ammo than the Turks in WW1. He gave no quarter to his enemies and now will get none in return.
    Live by the sword die by the sword.
    There is no way back for LNP under Abbott unfortunately which means Shorten will be our next prime minister in just 18 months if there are no changes.
    Abbott was an amazing opposition leader who took down 3 prime ministers but he's turned out to be a lousy prime minister thus far.
    Maybe just maybe he can turn things around but I doubt it. Can't see it. Don't believe it.
    The conservatives need a leader who isn't afraid to tell us the truth about our budget and debt situation and who can outline how all of us working together can pay it off and make our nation strong again. We need a coherent and fair and equitable plan for our nation. We'll never get it from Labor.
    If the people won't listen then better to be in opposition and let Labor destroy the joint.
    Meanwhile I am seeing the train wreck coming and am moving what assets I can legally offshore, as the signs are dire for Australia under Labor.
    There will be an explosion of debt. Explosion of new and increased taxes. An explosion in the number of illegal boat arrivals. And an explosion in the number of public servants.
    Even Phar Lap couldn't win with too much lead in the saddle bags.
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