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    Israel Needs a “Day of Rage”
    by Ryan Jones
    Aug 13, '03 / 15 Av 5763

    Media reports indicate the Palestinian Authority is planning a “day of rage” for Friday, August 15, to protest against Israel’s security fence.

    The Palestinians have held several “days of rage” since the outbreak of the terrorist war nearly three years ago to demonstrate against things ranging from the IDF moving back into towns meant to be under the control of the PA to Jewish visits to Judaism’s holiest site - the Temple Mount. The “days of rage” are generally marked by mass rallies and riots, as well as violent Palestinian-initiated confrontations with IDF soldiers.

    These “days of rage” are a transparent press ploy aimed at generating worldwide condemnation of what the Palestinians claim is one of the root causes of the conflict - Israel’s active military battle against the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure. And yet, anyone bothering to explore the Middle East conflict beneath the media veneer would recognize that the root cause of the violence is unrepentant Palestinian terrorism and the PA’s refusal, despite its promises, to curb it.

    Israelis have been promised more times than anyone can now remember that if they would just place their trust in the diplomatic process and take the Palestinians at their word a little longer, the reward would be blissful peace. The Road Map and America’s hushed insistence that Israel honor the PA-brokered terrorist hudna were but the latest extensions of that thinking.

    But on the morning of Tuesday, August 12, the ceasefire circus was once again exposed for what it truly is - a deceptive cover for the Palestinians’ never-forsworn desire to rid the land of Jews.

    On that morning, Palestinian terrorist forces proved they have no real intention of abandoning the way of violence, when they murdered two Israelis and wounded more than 10 others in separate attacks on civilians in Rosh Ha’ayin and Ariel. The attacks also proved the PA’s ongoing support for, or at best apathy towards, such terror; the authority had pledged more than two months earlier to "begin sustained, targeted, and effective operations aimed at confronting all those engaged in terror and dismantlement of terrorist capabilities and infrastructure." To date they have failed to do so. In fact, their leaders say they never will.

    So why is it that the Palestinians are holding a “day of rage” against something that is an undesired (by Israelis also) consequence of their own terrorist war? Why is there not a “day of rage” against the real root problem - Palestinian terror? Why are Israelis not conducting their own “day of rage” against the Palestinians’ murderous ways?

    Israeli columnist Michael Freund lamented in a November 2001 piece: “One of the most dangerous impacts of this ‘routine’ [of Arab terror] is that we have become numb, our senses dulled by the numerous tragedies. We have lost the ability to empathize, to feel the pain and share in the grief of a family whose relative will not be coming home any more. It is the death of outrage, for we no longer feel any outrage over death.”

    It is time for the Israelis to take a page from the Palestinian playbook, to stage their own “day of rage”, so the world will know, finally, that Israel is not going to take it anymore. Israel is not going to continue appeasing an enemy who, again and again, reneges on its promises and gleefully continues the slaughtering of more and more Jews.

    Freund suggests this may be just what is needed to turn the tables on the Palestinians: “It might very well be that [Prime Minister Ariel Sharon] is waiting for us, for the people of Israel, to pour into the streets and express our long-forgotten sense of outrage over what has been occurring. And if we do so, if we raise our voices loud enough in protest, then perhaps it will give Sharon the political cover he needs - to finally bring about an end to Palestinian terror, once and for all.”

    Support for Israel among the Jewish state’s millions of Christian friends would only increase if the Jews would stand up for themselves.

    Palestinian “rage” over the construction of a fence brought about by their own aggression is laughable. The absence of Israeli rage over broken PA promises and murdered Jews is lamentable in the extreme.
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