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Let's assume "NO" wins...

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    I'm a very short term holder. If "YES" wins I stand to make a 30% profit.

    I understand the reason for long term holders wanting to vote "NO". However, should their side win, it's apparent that the share price will crash back down to 76 cents and will be below my purchase price.

    Some are trying to convince me that voting "NO" will be more beneficial - how much and when? Is this assumption based on management being correct and honest about the expectations of the company for next year?

    It seems much less risky for me to sell out now and take a certain profit, than hope everyone's assumptions and wishes come true. Then should "NO" get their way, I can simply buy back in at 76 cents.

    Is my logic flawed? Is there something I am not accounting for? What is the chain of events for a successful "NO" vote in relation to the share price?
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