let us prey . . .(parasite)

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    The following article is from Michael West's Margin Call column in todays Australian newspaper.

    Let us prey . . .


    THOUGH the smoking out of sophisticated evildoers is a more worthy deed than rounding up low-rent shysters, the despicable David Tweed shouldn't pass without mention.

    Let us liberate him then with flowers and music. Tweed, for those who have not had the pleasure, operates a knavish outfit called National Exchange.
    Many of you will have had correspondence from National Exchange offering to buy your AMP, IAG and Axa shares. Tower is his latest target.

    The nefarious Tweed offers a fraction of what the stock is worth. He preys on those naive and unsuspecting shareholders who are unaware of their shares' market value, and is solely responsible for an amendment to the Corporations Law that will require him to disclose the actual price of the stock from now on.

    No doubt, as he has more front than a rat with a gold tooth, Tweed will continue to operate, because many shareholders won't bother reading the print in his letters disclosing the proper price. And he's likely to set up another company.

    The only other thing we might add is that David Tweed, of Roden St, North Melbourne, should drop the "T" from his second name, and stick it on the end of his street address.

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