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let the manipulation commence

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    I see the manipulators are trying to put Amity through today at 56 cents. They will try and blame it on Iraq stuff, but their ops are 1500km (yes 1500km) from the Iraq border, what a joke, you are foolish if you buy that one.

    Well nothing has changed with what they are doing, yet they drop from 80 cents to 56 cents. If they want to manipulate this one back to 56 cents, the brokers are going to have to put some of their stock through me at 57 cents, becuase I am quite happy to buy at that level.

    The well (they say) they are drilling at end of March is a fresh prospect in the same licence at Gocerler. If they find anything here, there will be at least 15 cents on the share price I reckon, giddy up.
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